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Tuesday, October 14, 2008



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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ear to the Earth, the New York festival of sound, music, and ecology

Looking for something fun and interesting to do over the next few weeks? Why not check out the Ear to the Earth Festival. Here is a blurb from the press release:

New York, NY -- 2008 Ear to the Earth, a unique festival of sound, music and ecology presented by Electronic Music Foundation, returns to the city to kick up the volume of our sonic environment, October 9-25. For its third installment, the festival will launch New York Soundscape, a panoramic portrayal of the metropolis’s audio personality and urban ecology through concerts, installations, public forums and sound walks created by a mix of internationally acclaimed composers, sound artists, students and NY residents from all walks of life. This year’s festival also includes a series of three concerts at the Chelsea Art Museum, highlighting instrumental music with an ecological bent, and featuring soundscapes from other parts of the world. Ear to the Earth will close with a star-studded performance of John Cage's Lecture on the Weather.

For much more information please visit

Numerous NYU professors are involved in this festival and we encourage you to check out the daily schedule of events listed on the above website. One event that might be of particular interest to you is New York Big Fritz which is presented in collaboration with NYU.

Cloud Car – a mobile installation highlighting the connection between the automobile, life and the air in New York City. The Cloud Car will be at the New York Hall of Science on Saturday October 25th from 10 am - 3 pm.. The installation consists of a parked Ford Taurus station wagon fitted with mist bars, hoses, pumps and other special-effect devices that will envelop car and rider in a cloud of mist. Visitors are invited to sit in the car and listen to environment-related sound compositions on the car stereo